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Choosing a Swim Program

ISR Self-Rescue Swimming Lessons
-  the safest and most effective swimming program available

Sometimes even the best precautions can end in tragedy. The last  line of defense against childhood drowning is providing our infants and young children ISR Self-Rescue survival swim skills. If your child does find himself alone in the pool or body of water, his survival swimming skills could save his life.

Keep these guidelines in mind when choosing a swimming program:

  • Question everything about the program, the instructor’s qualifications and what specific skills will be learned.

  • Make sure that you child learns skills that would teach him or her to survive in the water alone.  They should never be dependent on an adult's presence or verbal commands to swim and float.

  • Make sure all lessons are one-on-one. NEVER enroll in a program where the instructor must divide time in the water between several unskilled students.

  • Be sure your instructor can thoroughly explain hyponatremia (water intoxication) to you. Ask what precautions are taken before and during the lesson to avoid this potentially dangerous situation. 

  • Do not allow your child to be worked with for longer than 10 minutes.

  • Do not enroll in any swimming program before your child is 6 months old and never enroll in a program that uses flotation devices.

  • Finally, never believe that ANYONE is ever drown-proofed by any lessons or skill level. No one is ever drown-proofed and constant supervision in and around the water is the only sure way to prevent drowning.

I hope I’ve helped educate you and your family. If you have further questions about our program or water safety feel free to contact me.

Tina Messina

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